21 Days Of Prayer

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Church Theme “Becoming Healthy, Wealthy and in Favor with God” Proverbs 3:1-10

Fasting Theme: “Thanking God for bringing us through 2022”

4 a.m. on December 30, 2022 to

4 p.m. on January 19, 2023 


4 a.m. Prayer Call in Number 267-807-9601 (access code 572313#)

(After tone announce yourself and then mute your phone)

As we seek God’s face during this period of 21 days of Praying and Fasting and 20 Nights of Revival, let us do the following as One Body in Christ Jesus:


  1. Involve as many of our family members, friends, coworkers and all those you know, to join in the praying and fasting with you.
  2. See the good and positive in those we encounter.
  3. Start your day off with an encouraging thought and pass those on to others during your day.
  4. Let us continue to thank God for bringing us through 2022.
  5. Strive to do your praying and fasting in a more excellent way this year.
  6. Take five or more names of those you know and pray for them each morning.
  7. Each morning read one of the Scriptures pertaining to this praying and fasting.

Pray for:

  1. The unsaved to be saved
  2. The sick, and shut-in, and the victims of Covid-19 and the flu virus strands
  3. The Pastor
  4. The Church Leaders
  5. Shiloh Ministries
  6. Each other
  7. The moving of the Holy Spirit in your life
  8. Our President of the United States
  9. Our Government
  10. The Incarcerated
  11. Military
  12. Godly peace to reign in this world
  13. Systemic racism and prejudice to revealed and rooted out of this country.
  14. Children, youth, young adults, seniors and our community


Prayer Request

  1. That everyone would participate in the Church praying and fasting and strive to do their very best in following the instructions. Remembering our Church Motto: More Prayer, More Power, Little Prayer Little Power, No Prayer, No Power
  2. That the Lord would place His Sanctuary in our hearts and minds. Psalm 77:13 (KJV) Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God?
  3. That God will give the Pastor a clear vision for Shiloh and Shiloh’s foreign missions.
  4. That our 20 Night Revival will revive each of us.
  5. Pray that new souls will be saved during our 20 nights of revival.
  6. That the Lord would give us a renewed mind and a renewed spirit to see the good in others and to speak encouragement and prosperity in the life of others.
  7. Continue to pray for the Pastor, that he will receive the vision and messages from the Lord for Shiloh and the community.
  8. Pray for all Official, Elected and Appointed Officers and all Disciples to support the vision and direction of the church as we strive to serve God and God‘s people in a more excellent manner.
  9. Pray for everyone to be thankful for life and prosperity, and that all will achieve Christian growth, Spiritual maturity, wealth in health, mind and in finances.
  10. Pray for our children, youth, young adults, our schoolteachers and school Administrators.
  11. For our County executive, our country, and our president, that the decisions that are being made, are the right ones for our Society.
  12. Pray for the jobless and the homeless throughout our land.
  13. Pray for our service men and women, their family members as they face the unknowns of tomorrow.
  14. That each of us will trust God for blessing us with the means to make the pledge of $3000 for the replacement of our Audio and video equipment, Shiloh transportation, whereby our seniors, college campus students, and our children might be transported to the house of the Lord; transportation to and from engagements to include the Metropolitan area, and children and adults to the National Convention Events.
  15. Pray for the relationship between Law Enforcers and the citizens of our communities.
  16. Let us pray for our youth and young adult third Sunday worship experience, that they will improve their participation and involvement at Shiloh, i.e. in Sunday school, Bible Study, and in Worship Service.
  17. That our doctors, nurses, scientist and all who are in the medical field will be covered by God’s protection as they continue to treat the sick, and those recovering from viruses and other afflictions. In addition, that scientist will continue to achieve means of treating the various viruses and other diseases in our World.
  18. Let us pray for our individual readiness for change as return to worshipping in person and caring for the newly saved.


Note: In our Praying and Fasting for 2023, Please remember I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I know that it is a difficult task, but please let me encourage you by saying, we can all do this for these 21 days. God will help us if we allow him to do so.