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a/o August 2020

Below are the five (5) steps that required for publishing material publicly in the name of Shiloh Baptist Church of Landover. It is important to note that no ministry should create its own material, nor show any ministry distribute any marketing material that was not created in the process stated below.

Step 1 – Ministry Leader 

Ministry Leaders should submit their material on under the “Material For Public Release” tab on the SBC-ALL FORMS SharePoint site on To access this site, Ministry Leaders should sign in using the ministry’s Shiloh email account ( Contact if these credentials are not known.  This material should have all the information about the requested event.

Step 2 – Reverend Belinda Turner/Administrative Office

Before any material can begin the process the event must already have been approved and recorded on the official church calendar managed by the Administrative Office.

If No:  The material will be rejected, and a Multi-Purpose Request form must be submitted to get the event approved.

If Yes: The information on the material will be confirmed. Then the request will move to the next step.

Step 3 – Creation and Design:

At this step the material will be edited with new language, updated graphics, changes in formatting, fonts, colors, photos, etc. Every effort will be made to preserve the overall feel of the original content; however, most submissions will require editing of some kind.

After Editing or Creation: Material will be returned to the originator for review and for any possibly changes.  Then, the material will move to the next step.

Step 4 – Review and Approval:

At this step the overall presentation will be reviewed against the newly established baseline of acceptable work. This baseline includes but is not limited to the following characteristics:

  • Does the material efficiently address “Who, What, When Where, Why, and How”?
  • Is the message clear a speaks to the target audience efficiently?
  • Is the material succinct/to point and not too wordy?
  • Does the material, and/or the quality of the presentation, meet/match the newly established level of acceptable work developed a/o June 2020?
  • Is the material in line with the biblical practices adapted by the church?

If No:  The material will be returned to the Creation and Design Team along with the suggested edits.

If Yes: The material will move to the next step.

Pastoral Approval

The Pastor, or Reverend Stephanie Stancil if the pastor is unavailable, will review all major event material before it is released.

Rejected: The material is returned to the originator and both teams to address the concerns listed by the pastor.

Approved: The material is sent to the appropriate ministries for release.