Shiloh Baptist Church of Landover, Maryland established its Foreign Mission Ministry in July 2008 to advance the pastoral vision to establish and provide continuous support for Christian missions in foreign countries, primarily on the continent of Africa.



Since establishing the Foreign Mission Ministry, Shiloh raised funds to provide assistance and support to Pastor Luc Deratur, Pastor and founder of Harmony Ministries in Haiti, in response to earthquake relief efforts. In 2010, Pastor Colleton delivered the donations to Pastor Deratus in Haiti.

In a way that only God could order, Shiloh came into association with the King of Otuam, Ghana, West Africa, King Peggielene Bartels (known as King Peggy). On January 25, 2010, Pastor Be Louis Colleton, Rev. Clarence Brock, Deacon Osei Karikari, and Dr. Denise Brock met with King Peggy to discuss furthering Shilohs relationship with Otuam, Ghana. Shiloh formally entered into a covenant with King Peggielene Bartels to adopt Otuam, Ghana, as its spiritual and developmental foreign mission project/responsibility. Shiloh has worked diligently to improve the life of our brothers and sisters in Otuam and has provided support in a variety of ways. In October 2010, eleven members of Shiloh accompanied Pastor Colleton to Otuam for the burial of the former King and the dedication of three clean water boreholes to the Otuam Community, which were provided by King Peggy, Shiloh Baptist Church and Michael & Eleanor Dyment.



Pastor Colleton dedicated four other clean water wells donated by: (1) Shiloh Baptist Church Mens Ministry supported by Pastor Renwick Bacon, Sr. of Annandale Baptist Church of Alexandria, Louisiana, Pastor Chad Carlton of Temple Healing Water, Rev. Mack Vereen and the Tyndell Family, USA; (2) Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F. & A. M., District of Columbia, USA; (3) Derek & John Espin; and (4) Susan Lawhon. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dyment, donated funds to purchase the ambulance. Additionally, the Shiloh Baptist Church Educational Sponsorship Support Program for children was implemented. A sponsored child is provided education for a year, along with school uniform, supplies and daily meals. To date, over 40 children have been sponsored.

2013 - 2017


Between 2012 -2017, Shiloh has provided support in a variety of ways. King Peggy selected Shiloh Baptist Church to host the book signing of her published book of the same name, King Peggy, An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of How She Changed an African Village. The event was held on February 25, 2012 and was a great success. In March 2012, Easter Sunday Service was conducted in Otuam, by Rev. Brock and seven people were baptized. During the October 2012 mission trip, Shilohs foreign missions team partnered with Sight Ministries International from Kingwood, Texas, to conduct an eye clinic in Otuam. Over 700 Otuam villagers were serviced and received eye exams. On other mission trips, support was provided to the Otuam Health Center by providing necessary supplies to assist them in improving health care to the Otuam Community. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant have been a part of many mission trips, resulting in over 1500 distributions being made. In 2014, Shiloh funded a 12 stall lavatory with 2 showers for the Community. The 2017 mission trip allowed Shiloh to provide dental exams to the Otuam Community under the direction of Shiloh member, Dr. Stafford Conley, Jr.



From the conception of the Foreign Mission Ministry the priority was to establish a healthier environment for the people of Otuam, Ghana, West Africa.

  • Some of the earliest accomplishments began with 7 fresh water wells dug.
  • Established an educational sponsorship for the children of Otuam.
  • Completed public bathroom project with donations from individuals of Shiloh Baptist Church.
  • Church, and organizations, start-up of a micro program to small businesses for women in Otuam.


  • Shiloh Baptist Church refurbished the Otuam Health Facility, supplied medical equipment, supplies and hospital sheets and personal individual hygiene products.
  • The long-term goal of the Foreign Mission Ministry is to build a school in Otuam for the sponsored children to attend.

Education Sponsorship Changes Lives

We invite you to join Shiloh Baptist Church of Landover, Maryland and help change a community in Ghana, West Africa. Support our ongoing efforts to transform the town of OTUAM through Education. You will be partnering with Shiloh, other organizations and churches to bring “The Light of Learning and a Path to Prosperity.” Your yearly sponsorship donation supports a child’s education for one full school year the remaining funds provide school uniforms, school supplies, annual preventative dental care, and a meal each day (this includes 50 lbs of rice, 40 cans of tomato paste, meat, 5 gallons of cooking oil), per school year. Educational sponsorship is very important and is intended to provide annual support until your sponsored child completes high school. We are committed to the construction of a new modern school (nursery to high school) in the town of Otuam. Once completed, all sponsored children will attend and receive an education from quality trained teachers and staff.

Support Foreign Missions

Thanks for your interest to make a donation to support God’s work in Otuam, Ghana, West Africa, through Shiloh Baptist Church of Landover. Your donation will support Shiloh’s educational sponsorship program and other planned projects for this village. You may make your donation in the following ways: 

Check or money order payable to Shiloh Baptist Church of Landover and mail to:

Shiloh Baptist Church of Landover

ATTN: Foreign Mission Ministry

8801 Ardwick Ardmore Road

Landover, MD 20785